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All right welcome.  I’m Chris with 919-473-6461 and I would love to help you if you’re looking to sell your house.  Whether you’re going through a divorce whether you are behind on your payments, are moving and need to sell quickly, whether you got a job relocation, whether you inherited a property or maybe you’re just tired of this house and you will want to move on but don’t have the money or the time or the skill to be able to make the necessary repairs to get it too kind of retail ready.  If your house is what I would call retail-ready, meaning that you really kept up with all of the repairs needed, new carpet, new paint and it looks pretty looks nice then I’m really not the person for you.  Our company what we do is we come in and we can offer you a fair market value for your property and we can pay in cash and we can close quickly and it kind of takes all the hassle and burden off of you to go to the whole MLS process and meeting with Realtors and then waiting you know sometimes 30 60 90 days before you get it under contract and then another 30 to 45 days for them to get their loans approved and that’s barring any repairs that had to be made or stipulations that you’re going to give concessions on if things aren’t updated.  So what we can do is as a licensed general contractor I can come in there, I can evaluate the property in the current state and offer you after market value for it today without any of the repairs done and once we agree on a price and agree on a time line, of your choosing, which can be as quickly as 7 to 10 days, then we will go ahead and process the paperwork through a North Carolina licensed real estate attorney.  We do everything above board no Shady things so it’s all done correctly and then we can do is once I purchase the property that’s what I go in there and do all the updates and the repairs to get it retail ready and in a month or sometimes three, four, five, months I put it on the MLS and sell it in a retail ready state, but I can do a lot of these repairs really all the repairs for a whole lot less than a general homeowner can do and the because this is my business, and this is what I do each and every day so I know how to evaluate the problems and I’ve got the vendors if I don’t do it myself to be able to come in there and repair that a lot more budget-friendly rate.  So then when I go to sell it I can make a small profit on the back side so you might kind of ask what are your credentials?  Well I have been doing this for about 6 years now and last year I completed 18 similar transactions to what I’m talking about with you.  So we bought 18 properties with cash, closed quickly, and really created a win-win situation in all of those transactions.  We had anything from people that have moved out of their house because of the divorce, for people that had inherited a property and needed to get rid of it, to one guy that even had property that have been sitting vacant for 8 years and he was going through a bankruptcy and was able to get over $130,000 for that property.  So whatever the situation, generally we can come in and help, so feel free to contact me on my website at, you can give me a call at 919-473-6461 or just shoot me an email at I look forward to speaking with you and helping you out whatever the situation may be.

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