Pros of For Sale by Owner in Raleigh

Your home is usually your biggest asset so wouldn’t you want to have a say in how the transaction goes? There are many benefits of for sale by owner’s process which involves saving a lot of money in real estate commissions. Here is a list of pros that an owner gains by selling their house themselves:

  • You make more money from the sale

Since there are no real estate agents involved, you don’t have to pay for it. Real estate agents usually charge a percentage fee based on sale price so you can save on commissions, generally 6% of the sale price of the house. On a $250,000 house this is $15,000, WOW.

  • You are in control of the sale

Selling your largest asset can be a scary and intimidating process, but wouldn’t you like to be in control of such a large investment?  When you sell by owner you get to meet the people that are purchasing your home.  You can sell it to who you like best, rather than just anyone that the agent sends your agents way.  I know your neighbors will appreciate you vetting the new people rather than just any person with the money.

  • You can devote your full attention to the sale

Real estate agents usually have multiple clients at a time and can only devote so much time to each one.  You should be your biggest advocate for getting your house sold fast and for the highest price.  With craiglist, facebook, and sites like Zillow and Trulia it is extremely easy to get your property seen by 1000’s of buyers with very little effort on your part.

Working with a Real Estate Investor

Would you like to get your home sold fast, without doing any repairs?

  • Property Condition

If your home is not in top condition it is often better to work with a real estate investor, like Triangle House Buyer, rather than a realtor.  Realtors make their money when the house sells so if your home needs work and you either can’t afford it or don’t want to have the hassle of it, many realtors will not want to work with you.  Realtors want “pretty” homes that will sell fast so they can collect their commission check and move on to the next property.  Real estate investors, are looking for properties that maybe need some work so they can add value to the transaction.

  • Financing

Most real estate investors, including Triangle House Buyer, purchase their properties with Cash, and don’t have to rely on traditional funding methods.  A very disappointing thing can happen in a regular sale, with the deal falling through at the last minute by a bank denying funding, an appraisal coming in low, or costly inspection repairs that pop up.  With a real estate investor paying cash they do not have to get an appraisal, don’t expect your to do any repairs, and don’t have to rely on a bank for the funding of the deal.

  • Clean Up & Personal Items

At Triangle House Buyers, we try and make the selling process as easy as possible.  You will not have to clean out the house and make it look pretty.  You can leave any of your personal items that you do not want for our team to clean out for you.  You will not have to fix the leaky faucet, the tub drain, the dead plant out front, or the HVAC system that just went out.  We take all the hassle off of you to make it an easy transaction so you can move on to your next home.

If you are interested in selling your home to one of the largest and fasting growing house buyers in the triangle please call us at 919-473-6461.  You can also text or email us at  I look forward to helping you sell your home quickly and easily.

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